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How It Works

Web marketing has changed over the last few years. Advertisers are no longer wiling to spend thousands of pounds without an acceptable Return on Investment.

Affiliate marketing is now the most effective form of online advertising & lead generation. As a result companies like B&Q, Virgin, Argos and Boots are utilising affiliate marketing and paying for results. Welcome to the world of Affiliate Marketing. 

Simply put, a merchant (on-line store) gives you links to advertise their store or service on your site. If someone clicks on that link and then buys something, you, as an affiliate will receive commission. Somewhere between 2 and 25%

So what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing also known as performance marketing allows small and large websites to profit from the ever expanding world of e-tailing and e-commerce on the web. It is a win-win situation as it provides e-commerce enabled sites ( known as merchants or advertisers) the ability to receive highly targeted quality traffic and therefore sales, and you (affiliates) with revenue for each sale, lead, or click through from your web-site.

How Does it work?

Here in the UK affiliate networks such as Tradedoubler, Affiliate Future, Affiliate Window and DGM2 has made affiliate marketing easy to both the small and large websites. Available to both the novice and expert webmasters.

They act as the 'middle man'  opening up the world of advertising and affiliate marketing. They supply coded links in the form of Banners, Logos, product info (deep Links) in the form of Cut & Paste code. You simply add this to your website.

As stated Merchants will pay varying commission levels depending on the type of action that is made, a click-through to their site, a lead for a registration or for a sale on one of their products or services.

How do I Earn Money From My Website

There are different payments made for different actions eg.

Pay Per Click - Speaks for itself. You get paid a fixed fee per click through from your site to the merchants site

Pay Per Lead - If your visitor registers their details with the merchant you have generated a lead, and you will receive payment for this.

Pay Per Sale - If the merchant offers this you will be paid commission based on what is purchased.

2 Tier Programs - If a merchant offers a 2 tier program, and you introduce another affiliate to their program, you will receive a payment based on what that affiliate earns.

Networks Vs Independent 

As well as the Networks mentioned earlier, independent websites offer affiliate programs themselves, thus cutting out the middle man. The advantage of using networks is that you are paid in one payment for all your merchants. With independents there is normally a thresh hold to reach before payment is made.

How Much Does It Cost

Nothing. It's free to sign up to any of the networks.



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